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Jurgen Matschie

Born in Bautzen in 1953
grew up in a German-Sorbian home in Spreewiese north of Bautzen
1969-1979 Apprenticeship as a toolmaker, engineering studies, technologist in Görlitz
1979-1987 Sorbian cultural work in Bautzen
1983-1986 correspondence course in photography at the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig
since 1988 freelance photographer
1990 Domowina Art Prize
1996 appointment to the German Society for Photography, Cologne
2000 Art Prize of Upper Lusatia

Member of the Federal Association of Fine Artists - Saxon Artists Association
Member of the ASA Group Photography

lives and works in Bautzen

W182 jürgen matschie portrait.jpg

Jürgen Matschie hangs his paintings in gallery W182 - November 14, 2021

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