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Covid 19 regulations

The applicable provisions of the Corona Protection Ordinance of the State of Saxony apply to visits to our exhibitions and events. These provisions are constantly being redefined, so we adapt the provisions to the legal requirements in each case.

For our events from November 7th, 2021, the 2G option applies in accordance with the Corona Protection Ordinance of the State of Saxony, i.e. only those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered are admitted.  Furthermore, masks are compulsory and the distance rules are observed. The events are at the Leipzig Health Department  Registered. According to the legal requirements we have to  carry out an admission check and record the contact details of the participants. We will update the list of participants after the end of April 28  days deleted again. 

Therefore, we ask that you bring your vaccination certificate - the easiest way is to show the certificate on the Corona Warn app on your mobile phone - and an identification document (identity card) with you.

We ask for your understanding for these measures.





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